Online Marketing Specialist

@ Uniblue Systems Ltd.

After several years learning Online Marketing from home and almost a year working as a Web Marketing Assistant I learnt about an opportunity as an Online Marketing Specialist. I felt that I was capable in making the leap therefore I decided to take on the challenge. I left my previous company to join another software company, Uniblue Systems Ltd. Uniblue Systems Ltd. is different from GFI Software Ltd. as they sell software to consumers rather than businesses. My main responsibilities as an Online Marketing Specialist were:

  • managing PPC campaigns within various platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, MSN AdCenter and several more..
  • working on ad hoc SEO projects

I spent almost four years as an Online Marketing Specialist. During this time my main focus by far was to manage the PPC campaigns. Over a period of almost 4 years I managed to increase the PPC spend exponentially whilst maintaining a consistent positive ROI. This was managed thanks to the launch of localized campaigns within new countries and also by maximizing the potential of the PPC platforms. During this time I spent a full year managing all PPC advertising campaigns on my own.